Layzi says ‘Nothing Ever Feels Right’ and she has a point


There’s a certain, unspeakable pain that comes with the return of parties this winter. It’s not from the awkward, obligatory gift-giving, nor your sloppy-drunk coworkers, nor the cheap catering growing colder by the minute. No, those parts of “fun” holiday get-togethers have always sucked. In 2021, there’s a new layer to the misery: Something along the lines of holy shit, did I actually miss this crap last year? And if I did, shouldn’t it feel somewhat satisfying this time around?

Even after a year without any sort of social merriment, folks are struggling to squeeze an ounce of relief out of nightlife in 2021. Layzi feels it so intensely that she’s soundtracked the feeling.

“Always something weighing on my mind / Nothing gets me high anymore / Why do I just waste my time?” she reflects in her new video “Nothing Ever Feels Right,” which dropped last Friday (November 19). The video serves as a chill companion to the Boston artist’s recent EP What’s Left To Lose, a lucid lo-fi tape released earlier this month via Spirit Goth Records.

Throughout the video, Layzi barely shifts from her tuned-out state on the couch. She goes through the blasé motions of youth: Removing a man’s hands from your shoulder, pounding a Capri Sun, hesitating before accepting a joint. She’s 100 percent uninterested and knows damn well it’s unnatural. That’s why “Nothing Ever Feels Right” isn’t a wallflower jam — it’s a lament for the proud partiers who can’t get their spunk back, no matter how many drinks are passed around in a cramped living room.

Slide next to Layzi on the sofa below.