Velvet Starlings liven up the summer with ‘Technicolour Shakedown’

Photo Credit: Skyler Barberio

Every now and then a garage rock band kicks down the doldrum doors of summer and injects us with newfound energy. That band right now is Los Angeles’ Velvet Starlings, a fuzzed-out psychotronic rock and roll freakout who yesterday (July 21) dropped the title track to their forthcoming album, Technicolour Shakedown, out September 29 via Sound x 3 Records, and it’s got our skeletal bones bouncing off the padded walls of our quarantine bedrooms.

“The track is an anthemic ode to going out and to the live music experience,” says Velvet Starlings’ Christian Gisborne, “and colourfully describing the energy of catching your favourite band on the local scene and being packed in a venue ‘like sardines’ — and loving every minute of it!”  

That’s certainly a feeling we’ve all missed dearly in the pandemic age, and while the live experience is slowly coming back into focus, the recorded material on Velvet Starlings’ new disc seems to have enough proper throwback to gritty ’60s guitar-rock swagger to help us break a sweat no matter where we may be from now until Labor Day.

“In the doom and gloom of COVID I found myself reminiscing all the time about the days when we would wait in line for hours to see our favorite bands,” adds Gisborne. “The songs on the first album reflect everything I felt I was missing out on… I think a rock n’ roll renaissance is coming after this crazy year of lock down. We’re hoping that a full front-to-back of Technicolour Shakedown will evoke the feeling you get at a rock n’ roll house party — wherever the listener may find themself.”

Dive in to Velvet Starlings’ world below via the “Technicolour Shakedown” video, directed by Megan Blanchard.