Oompa zips through sticky-sweet R&B with Dan DeCristofaro on ‘Go’

Photo Credit: Ally Schmaling

Oompa has emerged from her apocalyptic meditation looking “fly as hell but highly dangerous.” Following the inward-looking period of the pandemic that brought us “Closer,” the Boston hip-hop titan now embarks on a “Queen and Slim-themed” road race for her new song and music video “Go,” out today (July 9).

The cinematic single comes assembled by an A-team of Boston creators: Dan DeCristofaro (of Worcester’s Blue Light Bandits) offers some assistance on vocals and keys, while Boston producer Dephrase polished the track into its svelte final form.

Unsurprisingly, “Go” accelerates Oompa’s knack for combining the sentimental and sexy; in a similar vein to 2019’s “By You,” “Go” is a confessional hidden in an R&B slow jam, dripping with sticky-sweet sensuality. In fact, its groove-driven allure nearly obscures the vulnerability of the track altogether — another testament to Oompa’s ability to take one message and dress it up as something entirely different.

It’s how she pulls ahead in a cutthroat car chase and seemingly vanishes, time and time again.

“This is the love where you slap red tinted glasses on, and all red flags look like surrender,” Oompa explains. “We know it will end in flames, or with us having to return to the reality of our lives and our city-girl hustle, but for now, we go. We get lost and hope reality doesn’t find us.”

Jump in the passenger seat with Oompa and check out “Go” below.