Easy Life grab an ‘ocean view’ just as we’re all allowed back outside

High Rise PR

Leicester alt-pop misfits Easy Life release debut album life’s a beach this Friday (May 28), and to get us all worked up into a smooth lather, have unveiled another colorful new video, this time for “ocean view.” The themes of both album and video are sure arriving at the right time, as the so-called easy life in this country on the left of the Atlantic gears us for a three-day weekend where virtually all of us will finally be allowed to go outside.

Easy Life ringleader and founder Murray Matravers says “ocean view” is all about “managing expectations. With great anticipation comes great disappointment. ‘ocean view’ is the feeling of taking your mate/lover out on a wild trip to the seaside and finding out the whole trip is massively underwhelming, and they don’t even enjoy trips to the beach.”

Well shit! While we’ll try to retain some optimism for the weekend ahead, we know deep down that Matravers is probably right. And as we watch the Greg Barth-directed video illustrating his point, an alleged good time that led to a rather humorous arrest, we’ll utilize it as a guide for how not to end this long-awaited holiday. Peep it below.