Yard Arms take a swim with adult instability on ‘Hollow Ankles’

Courtesy of Memphia Music

Let’s face it, we’ve all been inspired by Adult Swim at some point in our creative lives, and it’d probably be a more rare case to find someone who wasn’t. For Bristol-based melancholic-pop duo Yard Arms, the nod comes via a new video for “Hollow Ankles,” out today (April 23). The magnetic track is described by frontman and lyricist Noah Villeneuve as “a musing on the chronic instability of life,” and that’s alone to capture attention as we all wrestle with our languishing valuation of self-worth. But the vivid karaoke-themed visual, which Yard Arms declare is inspired by a love of Tim & Eric, David Lynch, dive bars and ’80s game show hosts, elevates the yearning song up into an endearing dimension. Sure, we may all have hollow ankles these days, but our hearts are starting to become full again.