The Record Co. maps out its new facility with an online tour

Courtesy of The Record Co.

The Record Co. (TRC) isn’t about to let a pandemic impede its progress — or the progress of musicians searching for a place to lay down some tracks.

After more than a year of construction, the Boston-based recording studio has unveiled its larger facility through an online tour that takes viewers through all 12,500 square feet of its new home.

Under normal circumstances, a “real life” celebration would be in order, but to keep matters safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at TRC enlisted filmmaker Raber Umphenour to help create a virtual 360-degrees tour of the studio.


“We wanted to make sure that our community knew that even during a pandemic, we were working (with new COVID safety measures in place) on finishing up TRC,” marketing manager Ariana O’Rourke tells Vanyaland. “Once the space was completed, those who were able to come in always had so many positives to share about how pretty the new TRC was. We wanted to make sure everyone, knowing that our community has different risk levels, can share in that excitement.” 

But the reason behind the virtual tour goes beyond COVID-19 — it’s also a matter of accessibility. Pandemic or not, the TRC team always wants “our community of music makers to see the final project and be able to visualize themselves in the studios,” O’Rourke adds.

“We are always talking about TRC being a home for music makers, and the 360 tour is another way that we’re able to ensure they have access to seeing their space whenever they’d like,” she says. “It’s one thing to tell people Studio C’s isolation booth is six feet by 12 feet and a whole other thing to be able to go ‘into’ into the room and see it for yourself. For those who are just hearing about us, we believe it’s important to show what 12,500 square feet of creative space looks like and its value to the Boston community. There are walls of gear waiting to be used, a kitchen and lobby that one day people will be able to gather in, and each studio has its own signature vibe. Even though we’ve definitely grown from our three-story walkup studio, we’re still bringing that same level of overall good vibes.”


Check out a birds-eye map of the new space below, or embark on a virtual tour here. Guests who feel comfortable are also able schedule a self-guided tour to see the facility in person.