Illicit Ghost embraces love that soars through the skyline on ‘Higher’

Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

With everything going on in the world, this past holiday season was a tough one to fully celebrate. But Illicit Ghost helped remind us of what matters most with a Christmas song that relayed tales of the New York City artist witnessing folx putting up holiday decorations a bit earlier than usual, in a heartwarming attempt to spread some cheer when the world was feeling down.

Fast forward a few months, and Illicit Ghost is once again taking our daily lows and elevating us to something “Higher.” Though this time around, the singer and violinist speaks a language universal to all the seasons and the joys they each bring. In short, “Higher” is a love song.

“One day someone came along and completely turned my world upside down in the best way when I least expected it,” says Illicit Ghost. “I cherish every second that I get to share with my partner. I’m getting better at living in the moment and believing that I am worthy of love.” 


“Higher” is a bit of a departure from Illicit Ghost’s usual bedroom-pop sound, but with a towering drive as high as the NYC skyline and a sparkled polish fit for the fresh air of a love affair, it feels like a natural progression from an artist with a knack for reflecting the moods around her. Take in her joy, allow it to raise your own, and fire it up below.