Audrey Nuna makes her ‘Space’ with R&B cool and a captivating visual

Photo Credit: Khufu Najee

Today marks Audrey Nuna’s 22nd birthday, but in a twist fit for a creative force, the emerging Korean-American R&B singer and rapper comes bearing gifts for us. Packaged in a tidy atom of cool confidence is “Space,” a hazy breeze of a new single that should elevate the New Jersey native’s game even higher, and the Loris Russier-directed visual doubles as a fashion editorial ripped right off the pages of a high-gloss magazine. And she’s already pretty much already immersed in that world, telling British Vogue this week: “My Korean heritage naturally shows up in all my art because it’s my identity. But I don’t force it. I’m just being myself and don’t feel like I have to prove anything.” That’s becoming quite clear with each new release. Make “Space” for Audrey Nuna in your playlist, in your mindset, and on the part of your wall where you pin captivating images torn straight out of the fashion mags.