Sukie reflects back on the sensitivity of teenage sexuality with ‘Pink’

Via Practise Music

The past year of lockdowns and quarantines has given us a lot of time to reflect, from things we did before the pandemic age to all the shit we got into as teenagers coming of age. Manchester native Sukie took a trip down memory lane to reflect on her own sexuality through her new single, “Pink,” which dropped this past Friday (March 26). In the delicate lo-fo bedroom-pop track, Sukie drops a few notable lines across its three-minute runtime, including this gem: “I didn’t know what liking girls could mean, I was jealous of my ex-boyfriend, who came out as a gay drag queen.”

Those teen years are terrifying at the time, and fairly exhilarating to look back upon.

“It was the middle of lockdown when I wrote ‘Pink’,” Sukie says. “With so much free time on my hands, I found myself thinking more and more about the past, reminiscing on my teenage-hood. ‘Pink’ is about crushing on my best friends, being scared of my own sexuality, and being jealous of people who were secure in theirs. You’re so confused and hypersensitive in those years, and I wanted to capture those feelings in a song that was fun as well as sentimental.”


“Pink” reflects Sukie’s first new music of 2021, and stands as the first single taken from her forthcoming EP, Hey Cutie. We can’t wait to hear more.