Anna Fox Rochinski knows what’s up on ‘Everybody’s Down’

Via Don Giovanni Records

There have definitely been times over the past year where we’ve all — to ourselves, to a friend, a lover, or just to no one in particular — wondered how any of us are cool with all this. And by this we mean quite literally everything that’s swirled around us in calm chaos as life hit the pause button. Anna Fox Rochinski seems to know what’s up: “It’s as if you were looking around you during the apocalypse going, ‘oh my god, everybody’s down with this?’” 

The Brooklyn musician, known for her work here in Boston with psych-folk luminaries Quilt, is set to release her debut solo album Cherry this Friday (March 26) via Don Giovanni Records. Today, she sets a disco-funk mood for the LP with her latest single in “Everybody’s Down,” a song about existential dread and the mood that permeates all of us as we watch society’s indifference. It’s certainly relatable, but when a bemused Rochinski laments that everybody is down, it’s not so much a sadness she’s concerned for; it’s our general acceptance of the bullshit we are forced to endure each and every day.

Hopefully soon a change is gonna come, and we’ll all be picking back up doing our share of caring.