Kevin Smith is bringing a Mooby’s pop-up location to Boston

Photo by Darren Michaels/Weinstein Company/Kobal/Shutterstock

UPDATE March 22 at 11:17 a.m. EDT: The Mooby’s pop-up is coming to Boston’s House of Blues, starting April 8 and running through April 16. Pre-orders via moobyspopup.com go on sale Wednesday (March 24) at 11 a.m. EDT, and the “Mooby’s Pick-Up Experience” includes the following: choice of one Moo Main (Cow Tipper, Cock Smoker Chicken Sandwich, The Mooby Blues or Cow Dong Beyond Brat), plus a Salt Lick Side (Hater Totz or Onion Rings to rule them all).


Since its inception, Mooby has spawned two theatrical films, 16 records, eight primetime specials, a library of priced-to-own vid — you get the point. The fact of the matter is, Mooby has been everywhere, and well, there are no snoogans about it. Your favorite fast food golden calf will soon be making its way to Boston for a bit.

After erecting pop-up shops all over the country, Kevin Smith has announced today (March 18) that he will be once again bringing a piece of the “View Aksewniverse” to life by setting up a pop-up stop for Mooby’s, the famed fictional fast food chain seen in films like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II, in Boston. Launching in April, every ticket sold will include a Mooby’s meal with your choice of a Moo Main and Salt Lick Side (vegan and non-vegan options available), Mooby’s drinks, additional salt lick side items, desserts and new merchandise, which will available to order in advance, but can also be purchased upon pickup.

Be sure to book your time in advance, and step into Mooby’s for an interactive pick-up experience accompanied by some memorable photo moments from Smith’s films, as well exclusive Secret Stash merch and more. For the sake of health and safety, there will be a reduced number of guests allowed to pick up at a time.

Exact dates, times, and location are TBD as of press time, but be sure to check back, because once we have those deets, little man, we’ll be sure to put them in your hand.