awfultune is ‘lovesick’ and not even a doctor can get us to quit

Via artist

With each new release, awfultune continues her transition — to becoming happy, to becoming her real self, to becoming …a household name (?!?!). The bedroom-pop project of New York artist Layla Eden dropped an effervescent new single called “lovesick” on Friday (January 22), and not even a doctor can get us to quit it.

The percussive lo-fi synth-pop track dances around the swirling sensations of love and all the ways it makes us feel inside and out. And when awfultune offers up a line of “you got a bitch feeling lovesick,” well, it’s taking us back to happier, simpler times. Times she’s embracing on her own timeline as they bloom.

“When I first started writing for awfultune, I was a very miserable teenager,” Eden says. “Young and vulnerable with stories to tell and thankfully a platform that developed with eager listeners. Coming out as transgender, growing up to be happy and becoming exactly who I want to be was so healing for me in so many ways and really reflects in my music… ‘Lovesick’ represents the new wave of music from me that hopefully uplifts and inspires people! I’m tired of hearing/making sad songs. We all could dance some more…”


Even if that means dancing alone in the pandemic age. But the music of awfultune carries an underlining message that even if we’re dancing in solitary, we’re all still connected and experiencing life together.

“‘Lovesick’ is about the sweet obsession we all get (but don’t like to admit) when we have a new crush… it’s a pure expression of passion,” she adds. “I honestly wrote it to let people know they aren’t alone in this. People often think they’re crazy when they obsess over a person that much in the beginning stages of love or a crush. We all have been there!”

Crush on below.