Valleyheart watch meaningless hours ‘T.I.K.’ by on new single

Via Cover Art

Hiding your head in a cluster of flower bushes, cutting open a Tide Pod to squish into your sandwich, mounting a sneaker on the wall like taxidermy: These are the thoughts that Valleyheart keep close by when seconds and minutes seems to stretch into inconsequential hours.

The Salem band’s new track “T.I.K.” dropped today (January 15), introducing fans to a disgruntled headspace adorned with hardcore-adjacent guitar riffs. The song’s name stands for “Thoughts I Keep,” an appropriate title for its first-person chase after any semblance of content.

The accompanying Benjamin-Lieber-directed video portrays of a maniacal kind of deep-seated dread — the same kind that threatens to pile up, wobble, and topple over at any given moment. The track isn’t necessarily a result of a year like 2020, but if the wall-art-shoe fits, wear it.

“To find peace in the moment / When my mind is tied to a better time / Where the future and the past reside / While I lie in my living room restless,” frontman Kevin Klein reflects in the first verse. Yeah, sounds pretty familiar.

“Ben and I created this manic, paradoxical world a while back, and we’re beyond thrilled to share it,” the band writes on Instagram. Check out the full vid in all its nonsensical glory below.