Netflix announces remix of Chris Rock’s ‘Tamborine’

Photo Credit: Netflix

It’s been two years since Chris Rock made his way back into the world of stand-up specials with Netflix’s Tamborine. Now he’s coming back to give it another shake, but this time, the Grammy nominated hour will have a little extra rhythm.

As announced on Monday (January 4), Rock is teaming up with Netflix once again to present a “remix” of his introspective 2018 special in the form of Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut. Hitting Netflix on January 12, the extended redux will include the original Bo Burnham-directed special in all of its glory, injected with never-before-seen jokes, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The remixing of an existing special is fairly uncommon, as Rock highlights in the announcement below, but if there’s any way to make a critically-acclaimed special any better, adding more of Rock’s genius to it might just be the answer.


Check out the new trailer below.