The Dossier keep us locked into a cold reality with ‘Out Of My Way’


Election Day fallout has now carried on for a few days, and music websites from here to Anchorage have been plotting a steady dose of “distraction” content, the type of stuff to get your mind off the ballot counting, social unrest, and all the other drama Tuesday’s Biden-Trump showdown has spewed across our once-great land. It’s good to get your mind off things, and it’s good to forget, momentarily, that the country is on fire from the inside and out.

But The Dossier are offering no such distraction. They want you to look deep inside our ongoing calamity, and stare into the abyss so long, the abyss has no choice to stare back at you. It’s been a trashy hot minute since we last caught up with New York City electronic-pop survivalists, but this week Peter Riley and Michael Parkin — who we’ve raised many a glass to since their aughts days as Saintface — return with a blistering, fist-focused new synth-pop banger called “Out Of My Way.”

And no, we can’t look away.


“A battle hymn, a protest song — and more than anything, a spit of contempt and disgust. History repeats,” The Dossier say about the track.

Its striking visual, available for full absorption below before the song hits Bandcamp this Friday (November 6), was directed, photographed, and edited by William Murray, and positions the boys front and center over a barrage of the types of evil that men do. Drop a beat on 2020, and never lose that focus.