Macy Gray is hosting a ‘Virtual Halloween Bingo Bash’

Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor

Last summer, which admittedly feels like a million years ago, we interviewed Macy Gray a few weeks before her series of October shows at Scullers Jazz Club. In the conversation, she dropped a few nuggets of knowledge, including this, about her own personal growth: “I definitely spent a lot of time on what wasn’t right in front of me, so I just think since I’ve gotten older, it kind of grew on me to be where I’m at, at this second. I don’t think about the past or the future as much as I used to. It’s the way you live, like focusing on getting this right.”

Later this month, what will be right in front of her will be something relatively unexpected, but also very awesome: A big ol’ pile of bingo cards, bouncing balls, and super bright daubers.

Watch your back, Saul Goodman.


Why? Because Gray announced this week she’s hosting her first-ever Macy Gray’s Virtual Halloween Bingo Bash. It goes down over Zoom on October 24 at 8 p.m. EDT, tickets start at $25 (and go up to $399 for exclusive pre-party access), and the night benefits MyGood, a a non-profit organization founded by Gray this year to help families who have lost loved ones to police violence. Gray is co-hosting the event with “celebrity bingo boss” Teej Mercer, and there’s a costume contest, live performances, and other “surprises.”

With so much uncertainty over Halloween this year, this feels like a fun way to safely celebrate spooky season. And any hang with Macy Gray, whether IRL or over Zoom, is a good time by us.

Hit the link for more info.