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DYLYN captures the wild ride of a blossoming love affair on ‘Let You’

Via artist

Over the summer we connected with DYLYN over her raucous pop-rock assault dubbed “Call Me What You Want.” We called her awesome, among other things. Now as September breathes its last gasp, the Canadian musician and powerhouse vocalist is back with another swirling stomper of a tune in “Let You.”

“When you first feel that glimmer of falling for someone, it can feel strong, wild, emotional, dark, lovely — all in one millisecond,” DYLYN says. “You can see yourself with that person, you look to the future, and you cherish the moments spent with them. My new song ‘Let You’ captures the ride of those first few months.The discovery of a new love is the best part of it all.” 

DYLYN’s new track was written with Ryan Guldemond, and inspired by some personal hardship.


“My trip to Vancouver had been postponed because my grandmother, who was an opera singer, had passed away,” DYLYN admits. “I showed Ryan some of my videos of her singing to my little cousin. We decided to turn her haunting operatic vocal into the synth hook at the beginning of the record. We called it the ‘gram hook’ through which she lives within the song forever.” 

DYLYN says the video styling of “Let You” is weaved amongst the track’s theme, and like most torrid love affairs, gets a bit messy by the end; “[it] encapsulates the wild ride of love and bending the journey with danger, darkness and falling off the deep end.” She adds: “I want you to go back to your first few moments of love as you listen to ‘Let You.’ That discovery of a new person, or one you haven’t met yet. The early days of love are intoxicating. I hope you hit replay and relive your own story again and again.”

Listen to the track via Spotify or watch the video below.