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MonaVeli gravitates towards personal freedom in ‘Space’

Photo Credit: @_aquafinatina

MonaVeli’s gravitational pull is so forceful that the Brockton rapper could likely yank the whole city towards her if she twisted her verses juuust the right way. For her new single “Space,” though, she’s floating in her own blissed-out atmosphere, away from the chaos of cynics and clout-chasers.

The magnetized power of “Space” dropped today (August 21), spelling out MonaVeli’s creed for personal, mental, and spiritual liberation. For a track that clocks in at one minute and 50 seconds, she covers a lot of ground, gliding between her commanding bars like an effortless sprint.

“This lead single represents freedom in whole,” MonaVeli tells Vanyaland. “To be boundless and fearless in every aspect of life. It expresses the constant need to move and expand spiritually, mentally and physically. The need and importance of liberation and/or ‘Space’. I hope this track inspires (my) people to continue to make noise and stand up for what they believe in — to fearlessly live in their whole truths and walk confidently in knowing who they are.”


Give her time and ‘Space’ below.