Tom Segura teams up with SToK Cold Brew for pumpkin spice season

Courtesy of SToK Cold Brew

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a raging dumpster fire of a year so far, and there just hasn’t been much to look forward to — in the grand scheme of things, at least. But the same will not be said for the upcoming pumpkin spice season, at least if Tom Segura and SToK Cold Brew have anything to say about it.

In addition to introducing the the new “basic” flavor to their line of highly caffeinated products, the Colorado-based cold brew coffee company has teamed up with the internationally renowned stand-up comedian to bring a #PumpkinAF punch to the season to coincide with the new flavor, in the form of a limited edition tumbler by Segura, which you can snag for free here (while supplies last). As well, Segura has curated a “pumpkin season manifesto,” which he took to Instagram to disseminate, while further professing his love for the magic of pumpkin spice.

Courtesy of SToK Cold Brew

“Personally, I’m a fan of all things delicious, and the good peeps at [SToK Cold Brew] recognize that not only am I a big cold brew coffee fan but I’m also the Merch God,” Segura says in the post. “That being said, I designed this #PumpkinAF tumbler with them to make even the most fragile of folks feel okay about enjoying a pumpkin beverage. And yes, we should all consume it with the confidence and voracity with which we apply spray deodorant.”


You heard the man. ‘Tis the season to be basic.