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BLACKSTARKIDS host the house show we wish we could attend right now


There’s two various sensations that jolt through the body when firing up the “Sounds Like Fun,” the new video and single from Kansas City trio BLACKSTARKIDS. First, the visual: The house show scene gives us all sorts of feelings and moods, nostalgic for the creative world pre-pandemic. Second, the sound: An infectious dose of hazy, fuzzed-out indie-pop, just one side of a project that incorporates everything from garage rock to synth-punk to hip-hop.

It seems like there are no restrictions to the BLACKSTARKIDS sound, but while they’re residing in loose surf-pop waters it’s damn hard to not get pulled into their creative undertow.

“I think the coolest thing about BLACKSTARKIDS is we don’t limit ourselves, but we don’t try too hard either,” member Ty Faizon recently told Teenplicity. “It’s real chill, everything is laid back but at the same time, we push ourselves to always do new things and things that feel fresh.”


BLACKSTARKIDS released a full-length album called SURF earlier this year, and this should be a buzzy wake-up call for those who slept on it. Get lost in the sound, and pull your face up real close to feel young and alive for the first time in hot while.