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Hovvdy race back to memories of carefree youth on ‘Runner’

Photo Credit: Johnna Henry and Mallory Taylor

This stretch of mid-July is certainly a time when the brain tends to trace back to childhood memories in search of comfort, affirmation, and a quick break from the constant pressures of adulthood. Hovvdy are vibing out on that retro mindset as well, as the Austin duo have dropped a new single called “Runner” that transports back to a simpler time.

“‘Runner’ draws from memories of my childhood in Dallas — the spirit of running around as a kid with an amount of freedom that would probably be considered unsafe nowadays,” says Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin. “It also unpacks the dynamic of an absent parent who nonetheless gives good
advice. We need both positive and negative influences in life, I think.”

As Hovvdy, Martin and bandmate Will Taylor released their third studio album Heavy Lifer back in 2019. This new track continues their introspective, fuzzed out guitar-pop; take a mental break with “Runner” below.