Alfie Templeman doesn’t want to be an ‘Obvious Guy’ and who can really blame him

Photo Credit: Blackksocks

We’re now a few dunks into July, and our lives are decidedly lacking in funk. Lord knows there hasn’t been much to dance about in this god-awful year 2020, but Alfie Templeman is dedicated to adding a bit of a bounce in our steps.

The 17-year-old British pop phenom has this week delivered a new jam called “Obvious Guy”, and it continues to shape the style and sound of his forthcoming EP Happiness In Liquid Form, out July 17 via Chess Club Records. It sounds like a damn hit.

“I really love funk music and have always wanted to venture into it more and more with my own music — so it was great fun doing exactly that with the amazing Nick Hodgson!” Templeman says. “It came together extremely quickly and everything is super tight.”


The single comes correct with an animated new music video, crafted by Cotton Studios and Jake Huffcutt. Adds Templeman: “I love the ‘Obvious Guy’ vídeo because it’s so colorful and sums up the track perfectly. It shows the whole vibe of feeling unwanted until you find the right people in life.”

Funk it up below.