Oceanator dives into grungy power-pop waters on ‘A Crack in the World’

Photo Credit: Alex Joseph

We’re currently living in a world where bands like Hum release surprise albums, so forgive us for having loud, fuzzy guitars on the brain. But even warm expectations for embracing guitar-pop on this humid June day did little to prepare us for the wonderful brilliance of “A Crack in the World”, the new single from Oceanator, the project of New York songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elise Okusami.

The personable, fuzzed-out track, which lends itself to repeated listens without ever overstaying its welcome, is the first offering from Oceanator’s forthcoming debut album, Things I Never Said, out August 28 via Plastic Miracles.

And it carries some of the most relatable lyrics of 2020 as we try to stay positive and appreciate the little things at a time when the big things are overwhelming. First Okusami sings “It’s not what you wanted / But it’ll do, before dropping a gauntlet as the tracks slows to its heavy conclusion: “And I’m still trying my best, you know it keeps getting harder and harder every day / When you see the news on the TV, on the radio, but I’ll be trying to keep the skies blue anyway.”


Feel it, and listen to this instant SOTY contender below.