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Rock out, help out with The Downhauls’ rowdy new single ‘Lost Soul’

Photo Credit: Pat Piasecki

Massachusetts garage rock brigade The Downhauls have unleashed a rowdy new track today (June 19) called “Lost Soul.” And on any other given day we’d be heralding the punk banger’s first-in-the-air ass-kickery, cranked up to 11 as we blast through city streets fueled solely by its lightning bolt confidence.

But as 2020 teaches us on the daily, there are greater forces at work, and we’ll side-step the song’s singular promo to signal boost the recipients to its all-out rawk.

The Downhauls — composed of members of Petty Morals, The Spoilers, VAGIANT, Stars Like Ours, and Drago — are donating all proceeds of “Lost Soul” to Black Lives Matter; and those who buy it on Bandcamp on Juneteenth can aid the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, as the digital music platform is directing their shares of sales to support racial justice and change through litigation, advocacy, and public education.


“Lost Soul” has a floor price of $2, though buyers are welcome to chip in some more coin. The track was recorded and engineered in 2019 by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios; produced by Rice Edmonston; mixed by Matt Alexander at Q Division; and mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters earlier this year.

Rock out, help out.

It’s the 2020 call to action.