Sval drops a mindful dose of alt-pop on ‘(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine’

Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Through mega-talents like Sigrid, Anna of the North, Astrid S and countless others, Norway’s alt-pop scene is shining bright. Now we can add Sval to our playlists, as the Oslo singer hits us today (June 12) with a sparkle n’ thump dose of alt-pop in a new single called “(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine.”

“It’s about caring for someone so much and wanting to do everything for them and then realizing that you can’t really save anyone alone, but you can do your very best to try,” says Sval, whose full name is Sval Rosenløw Eeg. “I think we all have our demons and our struggles, and this song is about trying to help someone, whilst also trying to make them want to help themselves.”

“(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine” is the follow-up to March electro-pop jam “Jealousy”, and a 2019 EP titled Young Alien. If you have some catching up to do, start with this new one and work your way back, all the way to Norway.