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Arch of Love cover a Fleetwood Mac classic for ‘Fuel The Fight 2’

Via Facebook

We’ve long been sweet on emerging Philadelphia dream-pop duo Arch of Love. Last year we named their breathtaking single “Light In Your Eyes” one of the best tracks of 2019, and a few weeks ago showed love to multi-instrumentalist Chris Schackerman’s dark synth-pop side project Video Cult. There’s certainly a sense of ’80s pop noir in Arch of Love’s stirring sound, and this past Friday, Schackerman and vocalist Chelsea Brennan dip into those waters with a pristine cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1987 single “Little Lies.” The track was released as part of the Philadelphia-based Fuel The Fight 2 compilation, which through Bandcamp helped raise money for Philadelphia Community Bail Fund and to aid essential workers during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Listen in below.