Mark Normand serves YouTube some high heat comedy on ‘Out To Lunch’

Photo Credit: Nick Larson

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Mark Normand has consistently been one of the hardest working comics in the game over the last few years, at the very least, and it’s been too long of a three-year wait for new material since his last special, Don’t Be Yourself, premiered on Comedy Central in 2017.

Well, that wait ends tonight (May 12) at 9 p.m. ET, as the New Orleans native is delivering his hot new comedy spesh, Out To Lunch, to us. This time, however, he’s taking a different path to releasing it, and putting it out there for free on YouTube.


From the trailer alone, which you can check out below, Normand looks to be bringing to this new hour the same no-holds-barred high heat that has brought him up through the ranks as a hard-grinding stand-up over the years. He touches on topics and ideas that, while not everyone’s cup of tea, illustrate just how dedicated Normand is to not only the delivery of his craft, but also the quality of his jokes.

Buckle up.