‘Gary Busey: Pet Judge’ will settle your animal dispute in the court of law

Photo Credit: Brenden Wedner

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All rise! Court is in session, with Judge Gary Busey presiding, and looking to dole out some stone cold pet justice.

You read that right — Gary Busey: Pet Judge is a real thing, and is set to hit streaming services like Amazon Prime on May 25. The new half-hour comedy series stars Busey in control of the gavel as he presides over lawsuits and complaints brought to the courtroom by litigating pet owners. On the docket, according to the show, is a “veritable menagerie of animals including monkeys, goats, birds, dogs, meerkats, turtles, robot raccoons and more.”

With a supporting cast including Mike E. Winfield as the bailiff, and Ian Abramson as the exit interviewer, Judge Busey sets out to get the story straight, do what it fair and just, and possibly even pick up a new pet goat along the way.

“Is Gary Busey a real judge? Absolutely not,” the show adds. “Does he know anything about pet law? Probably not. Can he look into your soul and suss out your spirit animal while delivering a verdict with a trademark Buseyism? You bet your sweet ass (the donkey kind).”

Check out the official trailer below.


….and in case you just watched the official trailer and thought to yourself “what the fuck did I just watch?”, please know that it is not a fever dream, and there is, in fact, another clip you can watch below.