Chelsea Peretti yearns for a ‘Soundproof’ bathroom in new music video

Photo Credit: Taili Song Roth

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With the release of her coffee-inspired EP, Foam and Flotsam, and subsequent announcement of a forthcoming full-length album that we reported on last week, Chelsea Peretti struck an all-too-relatable chord with her overall homage to the nectar of the highly-caffeinated gods.

Now, with a music video for “Soundproof” — the latest tremor of her most recent creative explosion — the one-time Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star delivered an all-new visual stimulant on Wednesday (April 30) to help further drive home the virtually universal desire for sonic insulation when nature calls. And we’re not gonna lie… it kind of has us tripping out a little bit.


Check out the Anne Walker Farrell-animated goods below.