Choir Boy feed us the ‘Sweet Candy’ we all need right now

Photo Credit: Karen Judith Davis

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On April 1, Choir Boy pulled off the seemingly impossible: An April Fool’s prank in the middle of a global pandemic. The joke was a good one, as Adam Klopp posted a remix of New Order’s “Blue Monday” that was nothing more than the drum beat on a continuous loop, leaving the listener to hang on impatiently, desperately awaiting the rest of the track to kick in. It never did.


But perhaps the part we were all waiting for in that remix finally arrives today (April 22). Choir Boy have released the latest offering of forthcoming album Gathering Swans, out May 8 via Dais Records, and it’s a wondrous floater called “Sweet Candy.” There’s an immediate timelessness to it, the type of new-dramatic electronic-pop we’ve all come to expect from Choir Boy, and it was born out of an afternoon acid trip.

“‘Sweet Candy’ expresses the sugar cravings and lovesickness of someone who denies themselves the excitement and bliss of romantic fulfillment,” Klopp says. “They’ve had a taste, but have opted for a sugar free diet.” 

Sink your teeth into “Sweet Candy” below. This time, there’s no waiting around for the hook.