STRFKR soothe us into a sense of normalcy with ‘Future Past Life’

Photo Credit: Coco Foto

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Two wrongs can’t make a right, but two mindfucks do equate to an odd sense of normalcy. Crafting another majestic psychedelic record to soothe us during our new abnormal, STRFKR have come through with a surprise LP drop today (April 10) via Polyvinyl. Titled Future Past Life, the 10-track meander through woozy soundscapes showcases exactly what the Portland, Oregon band does best: Swiftly rocket listeners into the depths of their subconscious. STRFKR have long been known for their ability to create genuinely thoughtful “space out” records, and the arrival of Future Past Life feels especially timely, hitting streaming services right when we need a mental break the most. Enter their new labyrinth of sound below.