Quarantainment: Youth Code drop ‘Puzzle’, provide stems for reconstruction


Editor’s Note: Welcome to Quarantainment, Vanyaland’s new series on what to watch, what to hear, and how to deal as the world engages in social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19. We’re all at home, we’re all online, and we’re all in this together. #StayTheFHome

It’s hard to not look at the concert calendar and daydream about how we would be spending our days if not for the ongoing pandemic. Youth Code, for example, would have played Pub Rock in Scottsdale tonight (April 9). Now obviously that’s not happening, but the Los Angeles EBM duo’s fury is still quite audible thanks to “Puzzle,” their first new single in three years. The menacing track hits our steams today, and Sara Taylor and Ryan George want you to break it all down and remix it.

“Not only are we releasing a new single today, but we’ve teamed up with Isolate/ Create and put the stems out for it as well,” write Youth Code. “Can’t wait to hear what everyone does with this and don’t forget to tag us and #isolatecreate in it! Song will be on streaming sites by the weekend, but it’s up on Bandcamp now.”

Indeed it is. Hit it below, and get the stems here.