It’s ‘Aries’ season as Gorillaz team up with Peter Hook and Georgia


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Earlier this year Gorillaz unveiled their Song Machine series, which found the animated British group collaborating on songs repackaged as “episodes,” complete with a visual component that makes the whole thing feels like a television series. It launched in January with the pleasing “Momentary Bliss”, featuring Slaves and slowthai, and continued in February with Fatoumata Diawara on board for Désolé.

Now, the ‘toons are back with the third episode, and it’s a song and clip titled “Aries” that features London electronic-pop musician Georgia and former Joy Division/New Order bassist and all-around legend Peter Hook. What we have here, essentially, is Georgia on drums, Hooky on bass, and Damon Albarn (2-D, of course) on vocals.


And that’s pretty excellent.

“Aries” already sounds like a classic, like something from New Order’s Low-life era, but in an alternative universe where the only truth lies in Peter Hook’s brilliant bass lines. Take it for a spin below.