Saint Lyor shapes his own judgement day on ‘IF MY SINS COULD TALK’

Photo Credit: George Annan

“Hopefully I can look back at this project and tell myself ‘this is where it all started’,” Saint Lyor says earnestly in his album trailer for his new EP IF MY SINS COULD TALK, released today (March 11).

Years from now, scene historians will be able to point exactly to “where it all started”: Judgement day. 

“Every day is judgement day when you’re Saint Lyor,” the Brockton rapper announces on EP opener “BIG FACTS,” setting the irreverent tone for IF MY SINS COULD TALK. It’s a storyline that Saint Lyor holds himself to for the entire record, indulging in his identity as a “sinnerman” to bring about a blunt kind of catharsis.


IF MY SINS COULD TALK represents the state of mind I was in writing most of these records,” Saint Lyor tells Vanyaland. “A lotta of the records I’m speaking in vanity and just embracing some of the darkest parts of myself and turning them into these fun, high-energy songs. People enjoy these songs, I enjoy making them, but I also understand the messages I’m sending out in my music and how damaging it can be from a moral perspective. But it was important for me to get this off my chest and let my sins talk — acknowledge that I am sinner, embracing that side, and then moving forward.”

And when Saint Lyor let his sins talk — or scream — for themselves, it takes him one step away from the gossip, and puts him one step closer to modern hip-hop stardom.

Hear his confessional below.