Skott celebrates Valentine’s Day with the empowering ‘Kodak & Codeine’

Photo Credit: Peter St. James

By now, for better or worse, you’re fully aware: Today is Valentine’s Day. The lovers, the would-be lovers, and the wanna-be lovers are all celebrating — or acknowledging, in some cases — in their own special way, and Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer Skott has taken her own approach in the sonic shape of a break-up anthem called “Kodak & Codeine.”

The splashy, high-polished alt-pop track musically bends without breaking in all the right places, and comes off with a rather cinematic production flair. It’s underlying lyrical theme, about trying to escape a destructive relationship but feeling vulnerable to the magnetic pull that keeps a person with someone they maybe shouldn’t be with, is especially illuminated on a day like today.

“You meet someone that seems to understand you in a way that no one else does, and together you create this bubble — it’s almost like you have this parallel galaxy where only the two of you exist,” Skott says. “But then you realize it’s actually a one-man kingdom, and you’re not the one with the power.”

Skott characterizes Valentine’s Day as “a day full of expectations and disappointments.” She adds: “According to statistics, February 14 is one of the most common days of the year for breakups. What should be equally important as celebrating and strengthening healthy love, is to break with the bad kind of love. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge, accept and get out of a toxic relationship. There’s confusion, guilt and chains of history to get past. Please choose loving yourself first and foremost this year’s Valentine’s Day, and every day.”

That’s a holiday we can all celebrate. Listen to “Kodak & Codeine” below.