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mxmtoon dance for the future and past in her ‘fever dream’ video

Photo Credit: April Blum

The year ahead looks to be a big one for mxmtoon. The teenage musician and songwriter from California is reported two have a pair of new EPs out later this year, the follow-ups to last years masquerade LP, and her buzzed-about dawn & dusk tour of North America hits The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on May 9 and Boston’s Royale on June 9.

This week, the artist born Maia hits us with a new video for “fever dream,” where she meets both her younger and future self. And the visual, directed and choreographed by Erin Murray, is hitting us right in the feels.

“From the start I knew that I wanted ‘fever dream’ to have a dance based music video!” mxmtoon states. “Dance has always been a hugely important part of my life, and to finally make a song that felt like it could exist in another creative world that I grew up involved in was utterly exciting. We wanted to work with the themes of the single to make a video that exemplifies the nostalgia the lyrics evoke but also the courage to move forward. This project was so much fun for me to work on, and the amazing crew involved couldn’t have done a better job.”


Adds Murray: “This video is a dawn to dusk dance between Maia, her memories of her past, and her expectations for her future. I wanted to capture the genuine exuberance of the song while alluding to the ways nostalgia and expectation color our present. Working with Maia was an absolute pleasure, and I hope people feel as good watching this video as we felt making it!”

Check out all the dawn & dusk tour dates after the video jump.