SOAK adds her own tenderness to The National’s ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’

Photo Credit: Ellius Grace

As we cross into icy December here in Boston, we’re not only pulling the covers over our heads, but we’re also pulling the covers over our ears. Yesterday we dropped an emotional tear over HAIM’s cover of Robyn’s “Show Me Love”, and now today (December 3) we’re experiencing another dusting of enhanced tenderness via SOAK’s heartfelt rendition of The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio.”

The cover continues the ascension of Ireland’s Bridie Monds-Watson, who in April delivered one of 2019’s finer albums in Grim Town, and shows one top lyricist’s appreciation for another.

“Matt Berninger is one of my favorite lyricists,” Monds-Watson says. “There’s something so special about the imagery The National manages to create within their music and I often catch myself imagining each song as its own movie trailer. I love the manic world this song creates.”


If you still owe money, to the money, to the money you owe, hit play on SOAK’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio” below.