pushflowers mask their indie-pop strut in the video for ‘bed song’

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Harmony Korine seems to have quite the influence on Boston music videos these days. Just last week, Black Beach cited the American director’s film Gummo as a source of inspiration for the junky aesthetic of their new vid “Shampoo,” and now fellow Boston band pushflowers are drawing from his flick Trash Humpers in their new visual for “bed song.”

A luminous slice of the group’s new EP close for comfort, the song and video explore the odd social-media-based balancing act that is presenting yourself as confident — but not too confident. You know, something like that incredibly vulgar but incredibly accurate I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson skit

“The video was inspired by Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers and the Eric Wareheim-directed Charli XCX vid ‘Famous,’” singer and guitarist Rocío Del Mar tells Vanyaland. “When coming up with this video, I was thinking about how self-deprecation has become such a crutch in our culture. If you make a confident comment about yourself without self-deprecation, you risk sounding like an asshole. Or at least that seems to be the general consensus among us all because it’s so common nowadays. But that’s silly. We should be proud to be our dope selves. The masks represent that for me — plus, I just really love wearing it.”

Peep the video in full below.