Doom Lover, Cliff Notez, and Tim Hall link up a groove on ‘If Anybody Asks’

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Collaborations and genre crossovers have been part of pop music for forever, but it seems like Boston has finally caught up that the notion that things sound better when we’re all together.

The latest to soundtrack that vibes comes from alt-rock brigade Doom Lover, hip-hop poet and HipStory activist Cliff Notez, and saxophonist Tim Hall, who team up on a cruising new single titled “If Anybody Asks.”

Doom Lover state that the song is “a celebration of the things that bring us together in an ever divisive world,” and the songwriting process was an open-ended one where the finished product was a result of spontaneity free from genre restrictions. “From its inception, this project was something that, like the musicians who penned it, was ever changing, revealing itself over time to be something wholly other than expected.”

Listen to “If Anybody Asks” below via Bandcamp and catch Doom Lover his Friday (August 23) when they play Brighton Music Hall in Allston alongside Parks and Sidewalk Driver.

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