Here are two teasers for Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’

Marriage Story
Wilson Webb/Netflix

Hey, have you heard of this streaming service called… “Net-flix?” Well, apparently, they’re giving a whole bunch of directors money in order to make their passion projects so that they can look legitimate in the eyes of consumers by winning lots of filmmaking awards! There was this little film called Roma last year that you might remember — that was nominated for a lot of stuff, right? Well, here’s a pair of teasers for their latest Great Gold Hope, Barbie scribe Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story, which stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as — you guessed it — a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. The streaming service dropped the previews earlier on Tuesday, and they offer a solid glimpse of what’s to come later on in the year.

Here’s the first trailer, narrated to us by Driver’s character and soundtracked by Otis Redding:

And here’s the second trailer, which is narrated by Johansson and features some good ol’ Cat Power:

Well, cue The Romantics! There’s absolutely no way that this could be horribly sad at all, right? Oh, wait: this is about divorce. Whoops. Alexa, play “Don’t Forget Me” by Harry Nilsson.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited to check this out: New Baumbach is always a treat, and the man’s on a serious hit streak with his output this decade (Frances Ha being truly brilliant, though all of his work has been pretty good since Greenberg). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll do your best to see this in a theater instead of just watching it on Netflix while folding your delicates. Those are all commands, just so you’re perfectly aware.

Marriage Story will premiere at TIFF next month, and we’ll be on hand to check it out. The film will then make its way to Netflix and some theaters later on this Fall.