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Kristen Stewart fights ‘Underwater’ monsters in this trailer

Alan Markfield/Fox

You know, it’s been a good long time since we’ve had ourselves a DeepStar Six or Leviathan-style underwater Alien rip-off. Sure, a fish-monster movie won Best Picture a few years ago, we’ve received a few fun and bad shark movies in the last few years, and we’ve got Blumhouse’s Sweetheart coming out eventually (why a date hasn’t been announced yet for that critical darling is a big mystery). But you know what? We need stories featuring blue-collar oil-workers and scientists scrambling to survive against weird-ass creatures in order to fully make the ’80s revival hit peak ’89 energy. Enter Underwater, a goofy-looking zombie Fox release with Kristen Stewart in the lead, a January release date and Big Flop Energy, which had its first trailer drop on Monday, presumably to accompany Ready or Not when that hits theaters on Wednesday.

Take a look:

Honestly? That looks kind of fun, and seems to fit perfectly in our little niche of preferred January releases. We’re always down for some K-Stew, no matter the circumstances, and we’re already sure that this trailer is better than the Charlie’s Angels reboot. We’re also not so sure about how well T.J. Miller’s involvement here is going to go over with people, given that the dude has been accused of some pretty heinous shit over the years. And given that this is being dumped at a time in which everybody will still be seeing Star Wars still, it’s pretty clear that Fox is sure that it’s not gonna be a big hit. But you never know! Escape Room looked like dog shit, and that was actually pretty fun. Go to the movies in January, people! It’s warm in there.


Anyway, here’s an incredibly short synopsis:

“A crew of underwater researchers must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory.”

Underwater hits theaters on January 10.