Sheer Mag chase ghosts of our past on ‘Hardly To Blame’

Photo Credit: Marie Lin

A few weeks back Sheer Mag knocked us on our asses with their glam-out summer single “Blood From A Stone,” and now the Philadelphia band are back with another electric jolt titled “Hardly To Blame.” This latest track comes complete with a Jonathan Arturo-directed video, watchable below, and serves as another tempting taste of their forthcoming August 23 record A Distant Call.

“In ‘Hardly to Blame’ we see the psychic landscape of Philadelphia transformed by the collapse of [Tina Halladay’s] relationship with her partner,” says Sheer Mag guitarist Matt Palmer. “The streets they used to walk together, the bars they used to drink at, and the friends they used to share have all been tainted by the lingering memories of their time together.”

Palmer adds: “Closing out side A of A Distant Call, ‘Hardly to Blame’ shows Tina spiraling further down and down. Unfortunately the worst is yet to come, but ‘Hardly to Blame’ gives us a glimpse at someone who thinks they’ve hit bedrock, unaware that the bottom is about to drop out.”

Well shit, we’ve all been there.

Catch Sheer Mag on tour later this year, with two New England dates that jump out in particular: August 31 at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont, and October 11 at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Hit the links for ticket info.