Miss June keep their debut album close and their ‘Enemies’ closer

Photo Credit: Nicole Brannen

Few bands in 2019 have us excited quite like Miss June. The New Zealand guitar-rock quartet crashed our hearts, minds, and playlists with last month’s firecracker single “Best Girl”, and today (July 16) follow-up with a pure fit of adrenaline called “Enemies.” The riffing single comes with word of Miss June’s debut album, Bad Luck Party, its title lifted from the instantly memorable chorus of “Best Girl,” and it arrives September 6 via Frenchkiss Records.

To get us acclimated with “Enemies”, Miss June have also issued a sci-fi-inspired video directed by Dylan Pharazyn.

“The track gets at that feeling of instability in a relationship when there’s full on confusion around who your friends are or who you are… reality runs amok,” Pharazyn says. “I started to imagine this full throttle dream sequence in which a young couple bash through a bizarre night. As they find new places, they encounter strangers who at first seem normal become weird and dangerous creep characters… or enemies. I felt like this erratic narrative had a powerful connection with the song — fast and heavy in a super off-kilter way.”