Little Boots teams with Kiddy Smile for a ‘Lesson’ in love

Photo Credit: Lucretia Taormina

The kids these days love a viral internet challenge, so here’s one posed by Vanyaland: Let’s celebrate and honor queer icons and voices both during June’s Pride month and throughout the other 11 months of the year.

Sounds great? Well, we’ll start: Little Boots comes correct with her own “Lesson” of love, tolerance, and recognition today (July 12), a dozen days beyond this year’s Pride celebrations, as she teams up with French electro-house producer/DJ Kiddy Smile. The track is a timeless house number that eases in the mix at tonight’s dance parties around the globe.

‘Lesson’ is about freedom and acceptance, choosing to love yourself and own your desires, and the interplay between passion and deeper feelings,” Little Boots says. “I have been a big fan of Kiddy Smile for a while, he is such an LGBTQ icon and pioneer of the Parisian ballroom scene, his vocal is so unique and It was amazing to get him to feature on the track. The sonic feel was inspired by my recent disco house DJ sets, it reminds me of dancing on hot summer nights under the stars or driving around the city after dark with the windows down and the music loud.”

Celebrate it with love.

And pass along your own “Lesson” regardless of what the calendar says.