Boston’s Camp Blood are the industrial hip-hop voice of the future

Via Bandcamp

Not even five seconds into Camp Blood’s debut EP, their world starts quaking — hard. That’s the lasting effect of the Boston group’s custom blend of hip-hop and thrash-y industrial, from opener “AEROSOL” until the EP wraps on “1144 (SUNDOWN)” 13 minutes later. But for that quarter of an hour, Camp Blood cram as many sensations — tremors, furor, or otherwise —  as possible into CAMP BLOOD, which dropped last Friday (July 5) via Disposable America. Besides, who needs more than 20 minutes when you never mince words? “Red blood on these white hands in blue suits,” exalts “1144 (SUNDOWN),” just one prime example of their succinct but hard-hitting lyrics.

“Working on this project has been a truly liberating experience,” Camp Blood’s Haasan Barclay shared on Facebook. “I can’t stress how much I want this new music to tell black kids they deserve to express themselves and really FEEL. I fought n****s every day in middle school for liking anything that didn’t fit the script for a ‘regular black kid.’ I feel like I can finally be the voice I looked up to as a kid.”

The collective perform at Great Scott next month (August 15) with Cult Fiction, Mangled, and LA NEVE, alongside live pro wrestling with Sully Banger.

Get acquainted with Boston’s new brand of “camp” below.