halfsour churn out some valiant slacker-rock on ‘Sticky’


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When it comes to making an album, halfsour don’t half-ass anything — they just don’t fret too hard over trivial musical details.

After sharing some of their new record Sticky in the Western Mass DIY scene shortly before kickstarting the recording process, the Boston-based group finally shared their entire sophomore LP last week (May 24) via Fire Talk. Packed to the brim with slacker-rock, but undoubtedly a valiant collection overall, Sticky showcases the knotty intricacies behind finding the perfect amount of thoughtfulness without devolving into fruitless obsession.

“Honestly the first thing we hope people notice about Sticky is the immediacy and fun behind it,” the band shares with Vanyaland. “We debuted half of the album at a basement show in Worcester three days before we started recording — we’re definitely not the sort of people who like anything to be overthought. Sure, lots of the lyrics come from a place of annoyance and exhaustion, but underlying there is a newness to all the songs that really drives the record.”

Tune in below.