The Gala show off their punk pizzazz on video for ‘Crybaby (Dream Of Me)’

Photo Credit: Derek Kouyuomjian

Look, we fucking warned you back in frigid-ass March: The Gala are bringing a blistering bolt of a rock and roll jolt to the New England masses and beyond over the next several weeks as they set out on an extended spring tour. It was vital news, and literally everyone who experiences live the Boston bam-glam garage punk brigade rants and raves about their stage show.

For the non-believers and the couch breathers, The Gala have now shown off — just a bit — what that live show is all about with a new video for “Crybaby (Dream Of Me)”.

When we hyped the band’s feisty firecracker of a debut album Bad News in that aforementioned tour post, we cited “Crybaby (Dream Of Me)” as a spooky cyclone of a tune fit for your neighborhood lounge of heartbreak and broken dreams.

It’s a real skeleton shaker, and now it has gotten its due as a single — the LP’s fourth! The track’s video is out this morning, and we’re honored to present it; directed by Gondoliers’ John Douglas Manson with some live footage from John Doherty, the clip is available for your dirty Friday viewing pleasures below.

As far as that live show seen in the flesh, the next opportunity comes May 10 at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston alongside The Devil’s Twins, Nemes, and North By North. Don’t cry about it.