Evolix glitter with all the colors of mainstream pop on ‘All My Life’

Courtesy of Evolix

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Evolix want to get you addicted — if not to the chaos of love, then to their hooky dance music. Comprised of siblings Alexis and Korina Kotsiopoulos, the Boston-based contemporary pop duo follow up their multiple 2018 singles with “All My Life,” out today (April 5). Glittering with all the colors of a mainstream pop song, the new tune meets all the requirements for being radio-ready: Fresh female vocals, a club-y chorus, and Chainsmokers-esque production with added flair.


“All My Life” is meant to bring to mind the highs and lows of potential love. Many have had an experience where they are head over heels for someone even though that person may be untrustworthy or may not be the best for them,” Evolix tell Vanyaland. “Writing this song, we wanted our audience to feel those spiraling emotions of an addictive love.”

Get lost in the lovestruck maelstrom below.