The Gala take their feisty firecracker of a record out around New England

The Boston rock and roll band deliver 'Bad News' to the masses after Saturday's record release party in Allston

Photo Credit: Derek Kouyoumjian

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We’ve got good news, and we’ve got Bad News.

The good news is that massive sound you heard this past Friday all around Boston was the big bang belted out by the release of The Gala’s debut record. The Bad News, well, the bad news is that album.

Now the glammed-out Boston rock band that’s getting a tired city excited again are taking this feisty firecracker of an LP — where none of its 12 kinetic songs exceed 2:30 in runtime — out on an extended spring/summer tour around New England and appreciative cities like Philly, Detroit, and Cleveland. It all kicks off this Saturday (March 9) at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston for The Gala’s Bad News release party (part of Burger Records’ Burger Revolution 7), then races around New England as the seasons change before wrapping in August out by one of the Great Lakes.

Peep all the dates below, get your grubby paws on some vinyl via Dead Beat Records, and fire up Bad News on Spotify. For our money, the jam to soundtrack your Wednesday is “Crybaby (Dream Of Me)”, a spooky cyclone of a tune fit for your neighborhood lounge of heartbreak and broken dreams. It’s been on repeat here at Vanyaland HQ since Friday. We needed it.