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Albert Hammond Jr. throws it back to carefree youth on ‘Fast Times’

Fast Tracked: The latest track from the solo Stroke is all about hanging with friends and getting higher than teenage ambition

Photo Credit: Bridgette Aikens

Boston is trapped in perpetual winter, but Albert Hammond Jr. is out here making breezy guitar-pop that has us in a summer state of mind. His latest, “Fast Times”, is a Strokesy cruise around the block with the top down, a song about carefree youth and the days spent hanging with friends and getting higher than teenage ambition. The tune has a nice throwback vibe to his day-job band, and a nice continuation of his solo career that peaked with last year’s Francis Trouble album. “Explore the chaos,” Hammond says about his new tune. “Be present without judgment and remind yourself you’ll forget everything you’ve learned today, tomorrow. I present to you ‘Fast Times’… enjoy at full blast!” Hammond’s currently on tour out on the West Coast, playing Portland’s Wonder Ballroom this Saturday (March 2). Get into “Fast Times” below.